Histories Forgotten Classic Cocktail - Kentucky Colonel

Histories Forgotten Classic Cocktail - Kentucky Colonel

Are you a Manhattan Lover? Try this!

The Kentucky Colonel never gained much traction but it is worth trying. First published in 1914 by Jacques Straub in his book "Drinks". We couldn't find any other publications of this cocktail and it seems to be a blip in the history of mixology. 

Kentucky Colonel Classic 1920's Cocktails - Gatsby Party- Cocktail Mixology

As the name would suggest it seems Kentucky Whiskey was the original liquor used, but we deviated to see if we could bring a new life to this cocktail. 

It worked. We created something that has easily become a top 5 cocktail party go to. 

We used Oak and Eden Charred Oak Rye Whiskey for this cocktail and it was incredible. The notes that came through were Caramel, Vanilla, Char and a very buttery finish. We likened it to a Crème Brûlée. 


🥃 2 OZ Bourbon

🍸 1/2 OZ Benedictine

🍋 2 Dashes Bitters


Add ice to a mixing glass and combine all ingredients. Stir for 10 - 15 seconds, be sure not to over dilute the cocktail.

Strain in a coupe and garnish with a cherry, Enjoy!

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